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What is a Demat Account?

If you are a recent entrant in the securities trade, you may not have heard of the era of pre-Demat accounts - there was a time when shares and securities were held 'physically' - as certificates and sheets of paper. Imagine that millions of paper rims spread across hundreds of thousands of investors holding on to their shares.
Courtesy of the Internet and, of course, computers - we have moved into a paperless era - the demat era. Instead of dealing with unpleasant paperwork, investors now keep their stock (or mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)) in electronic form - in a Demat account.

A chance to keep your shares in a digital format easily. A Demat account is your gateway to buying and selling shares seamlessly.

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What is Trading Account?

As you may know, in today's digital age, a Demat account is necessary to keep your securities. But pay attention to the careful use of words! A Demat account, while it may allow you to keep your securities, will not allow you to 'transact' - i.e. buy or sell securities. For this, you need to open a trading account online in India.
A trading account is required to transact in stocks, commodities, and other securities. A standard trading account allows you to trade in futures and options, mutual funds, currency futures, and ETFs. Aaditya Wealthon offers the best online trading and demat account in India to trade in the stock market.

Benefits of Demat Account

Below are the benefits of demat Account:

Cross-platform trading

Innovative, state-of-the-art trading software on the web, mobile, and desktop. Take your pick!

Tech you can trust

Fluctuations are a part of life and the stock market. Don't worry, Aditya Wealth, AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) platforms have got their backs!

Easy on the pocket

Free equity delivery, Rs. 20/intraday order *. Your profit is yours at the top stock market broker in India. Why spend extra money on brokerage?

Paperless account opening

Have an Aadhaar card? Forget the trouble of physical forms. Just fill out the online forms to create an account with a stock advisory company in India!

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Trade with one of India’s fastest-growing brokers who offers free online demat account opening in 5 mins. We are applying lowest brokerage charges in india for trading.

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How to Open Demat and Trading Account


Fill the form paper or, paperless and submit for verification.


All your details are scanned and verified for opening your account.


Once verified, you received a unique ID & voila, you are ready to trade.

Just place trades. Let our tech do the rest. Trade Faster. Trade Smarter.

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