If you want a shot at becoming rich, you just need to do more than make money. We have many ideas to help better understand investments and make an informed decision about making the most of our money.

  •   Want to invest, but not sure where to start

  •   Have better things to do than check and choose investments

  •   Not interested in investment or stock market

  •   Your money care would feel more comfortable with a team of professionals

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Why choose Aaditya Wealthon for stock market investment.

Industry Leader

15+ years of wealth creation

smart traders

200 cr + depository assets

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Wondering where to invest? Which money to choose? What schemes are there for you and which are not? Aaditya Wealthon is here for help. If you want to participate in stock markets, but have no time to manage your investment portfolio? Choose an advisor with a variety of pre-pack equity products for your needs.

  •   Fair AI-driven investment advice

  •   Customized portfolio for your investment needs

  •   Portfolio rebalanced in real time

  •   The power of conscience to execute

  •   SIP (Systematic Investment Schemes) as low as INR. 10,000

  •   Lumpsum investment of just Rs 2.5 lakh

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Invest in E-Gold / Digital Gold

Looking for locker space to invest in gold and worry about your safety doesn't make sense. Buy, sell, store now and get 24K (999.9) pure gold delivery - digitally.
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Start investing in an SIP

Invest a small and fixed amount regularly without any concern of stock market fluctuations - simple, convenient investment with peace of mind

Improve my Portfolio

Is your investment portfolio healthy with the right mix of risk and returns? Our experienced researchers guide you.

Don't have to wait any more, get going today!

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Benefits From Aaditya Wealthon

There are plenty of reasons to start investing with Aaditya Wealthon.

It’s Easy

Our team constantly reviews departments, checks that they are doing well and making any changes if necessary. So once you choose a portfolio you won't need to point fingers, although regularly reviewing your feelings towards investment risk and ensuring that the portfolio is still right for you.

Your money is in good hands

Your money will be monitored by the Aaditya wealthon investment team. We do it all day, every day-so you can make sure your money will always be held in high quality investments which the team believes is most likely to do well for you (although there is always a risk of losing money).

Great value

Our portfolio management team will cost you a little more than picking up and taking care of your own investments. But they are still one of the cheapest ways to manage their money by professionals.

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