Terms and Condition

We accept in Aaadityawealth.com and acknowledge that the personal details you provide us should be kept in strict secrecy and only to use the information in a manner that will be beneficial to our customers. We consider our relationship with you invaluable and try to respect and protect your right to privacy.

We will protect your confidential information of a kind nature as we protect personal details received from you with the same degree of care to prevent unauthorized use, dissemination or publication of these information.

We will use personal information to improve our service for you and keep you updated about our new product or information that may be of interest to you. The information collected from you will be used in the right spirit and context in which it is intended to be used. Your information will be used by us to process your trading request and meet your settlements of obligations.

We will ensure that we collect personal information only to the extent that our services are required to be administered in the best possible way and what is required under various regulations of Indian laws. To ensure high quality services and high levels of value addition for you, we can combine the information you provide on the web or through other channels.

Collection of Sensitive Personal Data or Information:

Aaditya Wealthon the National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) may for the purpose of rendering its services, collect personal information such as:

National Franchise Partners of Aaditya Wealthon AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) can collect personal information, such as:

  • Name, Gender, Residential/Correspondence Address, Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Email Address or other contact information;
  • PAN, KYC status, signature and photograph;
  • Bank account or other payment instrument details; Or any other extension to provide services.

Aaditya Wealthon AngelOne's (Formally known as Angel Broking) National Franchise Partner provides an online platform system to carry out trade transactions that collect such personal data or information to process your financial and non-financial transaction requests. The information collected can be shared with mutual fund/registrar and transfer agent/collecting bank/KYC registration agencies (CRA) etc. with SEBI/NSE/BSE/MCX/Asset Management companies only with the objective of processing your transaction requests or providing you better service.

In some circumstances we may need to share the information you provide with third parties, where we think they can contribute to adding value and improving the quality of services you provide. We will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained by imposing strict privacy standards on all third parties with whom we share this information. All in Circumstances We will ensure that your personal information is protected from strict confidentiality agreements. We will not allow any third party to retain your personal information longer than the nature of the services provided. We will also provide your personal information wherever it is required to be communicated under the law to any government agency or regulatory body. Agreeing to avail the service offered by Aaditya Wealthon, the National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) you have agreed to collect and use your sensitive personal data or information. You always have the right to reject or withdraw your sensitive personal data or information sharing by contacting customer care. However, at such an event, you will no longer take advantage of the services of Aaditya Wealthon the National Franchise Partner AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking).

Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Existing account holders can convert the existing Demat AMC scheme (excluding Freedom 3000 AMC scheme) into a new Demat AMC "Life-2500" scheme.
  • Demat account opened under "Jeevan-2500" scheme will be no refund if a customer decides to close the account
  • In addition to the above, customers will have to pay for depository transactions executed as per DP Tariff + Service Taxes
  • Since CDSL charges Rs 500 per year, corporate customers will be charged on an annual basis in case of corporate accounts.
  • Settlement charge towards debit instructions of client shares from Angel Beneficiary and Angel Collateral Account, Rs 30 per ISIN client ledger will be debited
  • National Franchise Partner of Aaditya Wealthon AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) reserved the right to increase tariff duty from time to time at its discretion, 30 days before customers were notified either by email or by a simple post and back by notification on office interface
  • Additional charges will be charged wherever applicable as per the prevailing rates of service tax, education cess and other statutory levies (if any)
  • The #Account will be opened after all processes related to IPV and client are completed.
  • Aaditya Wealthon AngelOne's (Formally known as Angel Broking) national franchise partner on opening AMC free accounts for the first year
# "Start Trading in 1 hour" is subject to Regulatory compliance and fulfillment of all account opening formalities and documentation.

DIY Assured Offers

  • Customer DIY must complete (Do it yourself) This Aaditya account opening process on money AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) online forum's national franchise partner
  • Charges such as AMC, brokerage, stamp duty and any other charges if the customer is charged on the basis of his plan
  • This offer does not apply to existing Aaditya Wealthon National franchise partners of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) Clients only new clients are eligible for the offer which is acquired since July 1, 2017.
  • The offer is not applicable to Aaditya Wealthon the National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) employees, their families and their relatives
  • Aaditya Wealthon AngelOne's (Formally known as Angel Broking) National Franchise Partner (formerly known as Aaditya Wealthon, National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) reserves the right to change, change or close the offer and change the terms and conditions from time to time in its full discretion. No complaints related to the above proposal/campaign will be entertained on the exchange platform
  • Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing. The brokerage will not exceed the prescribed limit of SEBI.


Partner with Aaditya Wealthon National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) with 100% refundable deposit facility

  • Get grand opportunities to pay on time and earn any amount of money
  • Become your own boss by investing less
  • Put your career in a dynamic growth path with the prospect of a better future
  • Get access to a high-tech online trading platform - The Aaditya Wealthon the National Franchise Partner of AngelOne (Formally known as Angel Broking) App
  • The scheme applies to all people who have a good social network and have the potential to source the maximum potential customer towards angel demat account.
  • The minimum deposit is required to be Rs.
  • The business partner will get a minimum of 70% of the brokerage month on month from the revenue generated by the client.
  • Installation of CTCL is not mandatory.

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