When planning for 30 years into the future, why start 30 years in the past?

Get with the times and start a SIP today!

Systematic investment plans

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) is a simple and effective way to invest in mutual funds and removes the need for market time. Sip investment process involves the customer investing a predetermined amount in a specific mutual fund scheme on a regular basis - whether weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

Invest a certain amount on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis and get the benefit of higher returns from equity to build long-term money.

Start investing today

Why start a SIP?

Higher potential returns than FD

SIP has the potential to give you higher returns in the long term than FDs and RDS.

Potential long-term gains

The cost average and compound interest of the rupee ensures that you get better long term returns than one time investment.

Potential to beat inflation in the long run

In the long term, SIP has the potential to beat the rate of inflation that eats away at your savings.

Benefit of SIP

  •   Disciplined savings

  •   Power of compounding

  •   Easy and convenient

  •   Controls volatility risks

  •   Helps beat inflation

  •   Small investment amount

Advantages of Aaditya Wealthon

  •   Invest in Easy Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Installments

  •   Withdraw your money whenever you need it

  •   Get advise on Top performing funds

  •   Don't pay any charges on your investments

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