When planning for 30 years into the future, why start 30 years in the past?

Gold Systematic Investment Plans (Gold SIP) is a simple and effective way to invest in gold mutual funds and removes the need for market time. Sip investment process involves the customer investing a predetermined amount in a specific mutual fund scheme on a regular basis - whether weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

Invest a certain amount on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis and get the benefit of higher returns from equity to build long-term money.

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Why Choose Aaditya Wealthon for Gold as an Investment Option?

Buy small

Buying gold in fractions for as low as Rs 10

Sell anytime

Liquidate in Digital Gold and get your money in 2 day

100% secure

Stored in safe volts and insured (verified by an independent trustee)


Live Market Price Tracking and Zero Making Charges


Balance your portfolio with digital gold to reduce risk concentration


Convert your digital gold into physical gold in the form of coins/bars/jewellery (coming soon)

How Digital Gold works

Buying Process

Time is money! Whether it's buying or selling gold online, we offer you a simple and quick 2-step buying process. So how do you buy Pure Gold online through Aaditya Wealthon?

01. Log In

Log in to our customer portal to buy digital gold using your mobile number. If you are a new customer, you must sign up with us.

02. Enter the Amount

Go ahead to buy digital gold in either gram or INR.

03. Buy in one-click

Review your order and place order using UPI/Net Banking within the 5-minute price window.

04. Secured and insured

Your Gold Locker will be updated, where you can view your purchased digital gold holdings.

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Selling Process

01. Log In

Log in to our customer portal using your mobile number.

02. Enter units to sell

Enter the amount of gold you want to sell in either gram or rupee. Also, provide your bank details to enable payments to be deposited. All you need to do to sell gold online.

03. Sell in one click

Review and keep your sales request within the 5-minute price window.

04. Request Confirmed

Gold Locker will be updated and the amount will then be credited to your bank account in 72 business hours.

Redeem Gold Process

Planning on gifting gold coins to your family and friends and want to cash in on buying gold online through Aaditya Wealthon? Follow these simple steps and have your gold coins delivered right on your door!


Log in or sign up using your mobile number to cash in on your digital gold. You can roast your gold only in grams.


Select the gold coin/bar from the list of options to redeem. You can add many gold coins online based on how much gold you plan on cashing in. Once done, add it to your online car.


You will be shown the coin meeting fee.


Confirm your delivery address.


You will be instructed to pay at the gateway. Proceed to pay the fee for coin erasing and distribution.


The amount/weight of the coin will be deducted from the gold you have stored in your safety locker.

Here are some benefits of buying 24-carat gold:


Digital gold is extremely cheap. The minimum transaction amount for buying digital gold with Aaditya Wealthon is Rs 100, which is not possible when buying physical gold. On top of that, digital gold eliminates the cost of medium men and the making charges involved in other forms such as jewelry. When transacting, check the net gold rate.


Digital gold is a fully secured purchase.

Time-effective, liquid and flexible

To start, you can buy gold online in pouches on finserv markets. You are allowed to buy, sell and catch any amount of gold at any time. And this purchase or sale transaction can be done online in a few clicks.


The price of gold is linked to live market prices. So the price of online digital gold is the same across the country. These rates can be tracked in real time. End-to-end transactions are digital, making them transparent, seamless and trackable.

Doorstep delivery of gold

You can deposit gold by making small purchases and this deposit gold can be made available at your door at the click of the button.

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Thinking of Gold as an investment option, but worried about the risk associated with storing it at home or paying for a bank locker? Worry not! Aaditya Wealthon facilitates the purchase of 24K pure gold online. You can buy gold at the live market prices in just a few clicks! What’s more, you can buy gold online for as little as Rs.100! Purchased gold is insured and stored in the security vault, without you having to pay anything extra. If you want to cash in on your purchase, you can request the same and distribute the gold at your door. So, what's holding you back? Go ahead and buy 24 carat gold online at Aaditya Wealthon - Top Stock Market Broker in India today!

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